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Customer service with SMS Brandname

Customer service with SMS is a new and popular marketing strategy used by many businesses as a means of spreading promotional content through phone messages.

What makes customer service with SMS so powerful is the ability to convey complete information with minimal cost and resources. Company services, promotions and campaigns can quickly reach even the remotest customers. Customers can engage with your business immediately which makes this method very effective.

Benefits of customer care service with SMS Brandname

  • Reaches all customers
  • Conveys accurate information and details to customers
  • Conveys information about promotions and deals
  • High level of trust, improving professionalism for companies and businesses
  • Low costs compared to other methods of marketing
  • High open rates and likelihood of customers reading the information
  • SMS Brandname is legally registered with the Ministry of Information

Difference between SMS Brandname and SMS (Spam)

SMS Spam: Most current users are annoyed to receive spam messages that are not in their contacts, as they do not know where the message is coming from. As SMS scams are becoming increasingly common, messages from numbers such as 01xx, 09xxx or 8xxx are often deleted and not read.

SMS Brandname Customer Service replaces the name of the brand. Business names such as Pizza Hut and Coco Cola will appear instead of the phone numbers 01xxx, 09xxx. This will create a more professional and established look for your business communications and increase engagement with your messages.

A special promotion for SMS Brandname Customer Service is available if you sign up for the long-term package service, saving significant costs. Tri Anh Solutions offers many price packages for SMS Brandname for your business to select the most suitable package.

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