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SMS Brandname: SMS Advertising Service

SMS Brandname is an SMS advertising service that allows businesses to promote their products and services to customers via mobile subscription. Rather than using regular phone SIM numbers (01xxx, 09xxx, 8xx) to send promotions or customer service information, SMS Brandname replaces these numbers with the name of the business or company (VIETCOMBANK, COCA COLA). As a result, company awareness is increased and customers are more comfortable using the company’s services.

Benefits of SMS Brandname

  • Helps businesses introduce promotions, products, and services
  • Shares information about prize-winning and voting
  • Low cost but highly effective
  • Messages can be targeted and conveyed to specific recipients
  • Messages are sent accurately to each mobile subscriber

Steps of SMS Marketing

  • Create program: Update customer information by creating programs for customers to register information
  • Assemble customer list: Through platforms such as website, email
  • Register customers’ phone numbers
  • Generate campaign (SMS Campaign): Discounts, new products, customer care, services, etc.
  • Target audience: Select particular groups at which the campaign will be aimed at, such as age, gender, location
  • Create message: Make content suitable for the target audience
  • Send message: Select the SMS delivery system Brandname
  • Summary and evaluation: Monitor and analyze the messages that have been sent
  • View the number of customers who have responded

Customers are less likely to trust messages sent from phone SIM numbers because it appears as an ‘unknown number’.  Displaying your company name as a sender allows your company to be instantly recognisable to customers, therefore improving customer service and increasing professionalism.

SMS Brandname SMS advertising service will communicate your messages to your customers 100% and advertise your company in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Contact Tri Anh Solutions to start using SMS Brandname advertising now.

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