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Have you ever needed to make a payment urgently although you are away from home or work, or needed to help someone pay a monthly subscription fee online? You may have had to undergo many operations to register for accounts such as online games or learning courses on the web. Have you heard of the SMS Top Up service? This service is designed to make payments convenient and easy, helping to save time and effort for users.

What is SMS Top Up?

The SMS Top Up service offers solutions for customers of Mobile, Viettel, and Vinaphone, allowing them to quickly recharge accounts as prepaid or postpaid subscribers. If you are someone who likes to study courses or play games online, you can top up your accounts with SMS Top Up.

In order to do this, you will need to install an operation on a phone, computer or device which is connected to the Internet, GPRS, Wifi or 3G. SMS Top Up users will also need an ATM card account opened at a bank.

Benefits of SMS Top Up

  • When topping up with your mobile device or at an ATM, you will be able to make seamless payments that are quick and convenient.
  • No matter where you are at any time, the SMS Top Up service is available 24/7 anytime, anywhere.
  • You are able to recharge family members’ accounts in addition to your own.
  • There are many pricing options for customers to choose from, ranging from 10,000 VND to 500,000 VND.
  • If you want to simplify online payments without the hassle of many operations, come to TAS to experience the seamless SMS Top Up service. It is simple, efficient, recharge immediately within five seconds and offers numerous pricing options so you can select the one most suitable for you.

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